Top tips for safe tumble dryer use

Public data indicates 99.98% of the 15.6 million households in the UK who own a tumble dryer will never experience a dryer fire over five years. That’s the equivalent of 11.5 billion safe drying cycles over that same period.

But there are some things you can do to prevent any unnecessary fire risks:

  1. Don’t overload your dryer
  2. Always clear away the residual fluff after every spin. Find out how to do this here
  3. If you have a condenser dryer, be sure to empty the water tank after every spin. Find out how to do this here
  4. Avoid tumble drying items that have been exposed to flammable liquids, solvents, or cooking oil – such as workwear, garage rags, dish towels, napkins, kitchen aprons etc
  5. Avoid drying items containing synthetics that can more easily catch fire – particularly rubber or plastic – such as padded bras, bathroom mats, bedding, sports equipment etc
  6. Don’t stop the dryer before the end of the cycle unless all items are quickly removed and the door is left open to dissipate heat
  7. Avoid using your dryer whilst sleeping or out of the house, and try to turn it off overnight or when you leave on holiday
  8. If you’re concerned about fitting a new tumble dryer yourself, ask a qualified electrician

We also recommend always registering a new dryer with us, so we can easily contact you with any relevant safety information. You can follow these simple steps to do it here.